Turkish Coffee? Yes!

Turkish coffee is extremely popular in Kosova. We have inherited the tradition from the Ottoman Empire, under which we were for five hundred years. Even nowadays many people love to sit around with friends and family and have a drink of Turkish coffee. In Prishtina, the tradition with Turkish coffee is slowly being replaced with machiato coffee, among the young people. However, the older generations still continue to enjoy the strong turkish coffee. While my mom was in the state visiting she brought her Turkish coffee with her from Kosova to drink. However, she didn’t bring the whole set of small cups. I told her we can find plenty of them here, but I didn’t know where. So, she was constantly complaining about not having her small cups in the states. One of my friends from the middle east heard that, so he said that he will get them for her. Because they too in the middle east have the same tradition of coffee drinking as us. Ever since then she has been happy with her cups of coffee.And, they had a chance to drink the coffee a couple of times together.