Two busy weeks down, one more to go!

These last two weeks have been very busy. I had a couple of papers to do, the usual homework, reading and the big Accounting Block. All the business students, currently enrolled in Accounting 207 or 208 this semester take the Accounting Block together. While the class itself is not very difficult, the amount of information that we have to study makes it stressful. And in order to do well, you do have to keep up with the class.

But, just as all weeks these two came to an end.

Now, I have only a weekend to prepare for three exams (Statistics, MacroEconomics & Business Law), my last big quiz (which looks more like an exam) on Entrepreneurship, write two short papers and homework. Hopefully, somewhere in all of this studying I will be able to find sometime for some fun stuff, too. October is usually the busiest month of classes, so I am glad it's almost over!

On Sunday, the Student Government Association (SGA) is organizing a Green Sweep, which is a service event during which students will be cleaning and greening the student neighborhood. This is my first service event for the semester, so I am really excited about it, especially since it has to do with the environment.