UD's Annual International Festival

After the Honors Student Symposium, my work was not done, and my week had not ended, so I was back to coordinating International Festival duties. This year, the UD International Club(UDIC) was yet again responsible for co-hosting the International Festival with the Center for International Programs. The UDIC was divided up into committees that each had a duty, for example there was the food committee, the performance, the marketing, charity and finance. I was primarily involved with the charity and marketing committees, and had the UD Marketing club president, Julie with me for the last one. In addition, as the president of the club, I focused on coordinating all the other committees and making sure that they were in track with their respective duties. The event was outstanding. We had a great turnout of around 400 attendees. Different from previous years, this time around we had many more American students attend, which was great, because we always work towards integrating them into international activities. We had many UD alumni and people from the Dayton community attend as well. I think everyone had a great time, ate great food, and we raised quite some money for our local charity, Children's Medical Center and our international one, Love146. If you couldn't attend this year, look out for it next Spring!