Valentine's Day

It is here! The beautiful day is here! And, it will be a very busy one. I have a lot of things to do today, first attend my two morning classes. Then, of to three meetings. We are in the process of deciding for the International Festival logo, with the International office at UD. They have the art students in charge of designing an appealing logo that represent the International Festival the best way. So, today me and my good friend and partner in the Marketing Committee of the International Festival, Julie are meeting to choose the best logo. We got a dozen of logos, which were all great but we had to choose only one! After that, I had another meeting with my management group for Capsim, the online company that we need to manage. When that was done, I rushed to the UDIC Valentine’s Day party at the RIKE Center. Now, is back to studying and an awesome place to do that is at ArtStreet with two of my wonderful friends!