Our house is quite the visitors house. We have friends over all the time. Today, one of my house mates has two guests over - one of her is her sister because it's little siblings weekend. Also, one of our friends organized an ultimate freezbie dinner at our house tonight, so we had plenty of more people over. There are friends always over, to hang out with my Spanish friend (except the times, when she locks herself in the room to study). Today, that was me, as I locked myself in my room to study and resist the noise and giggles around the house, while I was lingering to be part of them. Instead, I studied, took a nap, and did yoga. But, the good part is coming now! One of my best friends, whom I met while I was an exchange student in high school, is coming over to visit tonight at 11 p.m. and bringing two of her triplet little sisters with her and her boyfriend. I have not seen her in more than a year, as she was studying in Spain, while I was doing research in Kosova. When she was in Spain, she got together with one of my other best friends from my exchange year and they called me to talk on the phone, while I was in Kosova. Ah!! It was great. Unfortunately, it will be 5 a.m in Spain when they come so, I probably won't be able to call my friend in Spain.Anyhow, will take many pictures to send her!