Watching 21 through a financial scope!

The staff who organizes the renown R.I.S.E forum at UD, is hosted a movie night. They showed the movie "21" at the Business School's Miriam Hall Auditorium. There was free popcorn and bottled water and there were 15% discounts for the food locations of Flyer Enterprise. A quick awesome fact, Flyer Enterprises is the largest student run business in the nation. I have many friends who are part of it and I hear it's great. Pretty cool huh?! Yes! All UD students can attend the Forum and hear renown speakers free of charge, courtesy of U.D's National Alumni Association. You should check it out: Even if you are not yet affiliated with UD, you can still attend the conference the cost of which is $250 per individual. If you can't make it this year, make sure to do so in the future as it is regarded as the most prestigious student investment conference.