Week of Studying

This week has been a big week for studying, as we are approaching finals' week. Starting Monday, I spent the majority of my day doing homework, writing papers, reading and looking over the power points for my management classes. Also, the final report for my Business Consulting group was due on Wednesday. As the leader of my group, I was supposed to compile the report and take it to the awesome UD Printing to have it binded. The finished report looked great and our client was very impressed. Not much other than studying is going on this week. Lots of catching up for students and studying. The libraries are packed, so are the individual schools, and of course Marianist. Wrapping up the semester. Just to let you know, in my house the word "Graduation", or more like " The G" word is forbidden. Because as soon as that is mentioned, everyone goes in a sense of panic and start suffering, for having to leave the University of Dayton!!!!