What do Tilapia & Homework have in common?

Nothing really. They just go very well together, especially when you have great company. And, I had great company - one of my best friends from freshman year. We managed to do homework, and cook tilapia, pasta and vegetables - yummy! As, I am taking only fifteen credit hours this semester, I have a little more time to experiment with cooking and improve my skills. I used to despise cooking last year, but I think I am getting used to eat - at least to cooking chicken and fish. Now, I also experiment with the various salts and seasonings, which I usually would not do - maybe that was the reason why it didn't taste so well back then - haha! Anyhow, we had a good afternoon together, hanging out, listening to Pandora, and my former roommates stereo, which she left for me, eating tilapia and doing homework. Just enjoying the little friendships and cherishing them before we leave. Ah.. how much we will miss them - the great people at UD!