What to do if you start getting sick ?

Today I woke up feeling a little sick. So, as usual, I immediately stripped my bed sheets and put them in the washer to clean them. Then, I took this amazing disinfection spray that they have here in the states, which eliminates 99% of bacteria and allergens. Following that, vacuumed and dusted my whole room. Then I took a warm shower. They say during the spring time, when there are the most pollen allergens, you should take showers more often because the allergens tend to stick to your hair. I ate a great breakfast and took multivitamins. And, then I took this Zicam, cold remedy cool mint. My roommate says its the least medicine you can take - and I am all about that because I don't like taking medicine very much. Especially when I can push it. Then, I did some Yoga. I didn't do any strenuous activity, but just to lessen the tension and stress. One of the key things that you need to learn in college is how not to get sick. And, if you can manage the symptoms at the start and be careful, you will save yourself a lot of trouble. Because, once you do get sick and you have to miss stuff, it gets crazy!