Why UD, why a Liberal Arts College?

"One will hear many colleges priding themselves as ""liberal arts colleges."" But, often what a liberal arts college is, and what they can directly or indirectly benefit from it, isn't so clear for students. Many students feel tired of studying a variety of subjects and would rather want to concentrate on what they like. So honestly, what is the benefit of learning a little bit of everything and then concentrating on what you like more?

Well, when I was researching for colleges in my senior year at the Centerville High School, I thought that if I were to attend a college in the U.S. it would be as back home Pristina, Kosovo - concentrating on your designated area and studying only that and stuff that is directly connected to it. However, I came to learn that many colleges that I was interested in required students to complete general courses, starting from Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and to Arts. I was fine with taking a variety of subjects because I always enjoyed reading and learning about different aspects of life.

Though, I didn't give the meaning of ""liberal arts"" more thought until sometime by mid-second semester freshmen year. By second semester, I had completed the majority of the first year requirements, and started getting into my business classes. Business, bearing in mind only the plain definition of it, at first sight has no connection whatsoever to Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Languages, Arts, Philosophy, or Religion. But, Business, just like all of the previously listed subjects deals with humans, their way of thinking, acting, beliefs, expressions, all of which are greatly influenced by chemical and physical processes. So, for a person to be successful in Business, or any other field, that person has to have a general knowledge of all of these elements that influence human life.

From what I have experienced, UD is a master in guiding students to incorporating all of these specific subjects, that explain life and human kind, towards their designated fields. The range of general courses that UD offers for non-majors, and the professors who teach these courses, are amazing. All in an effort to make one understand how each of those areas play a significant role in the everyday business. Nowadays, when I think of the definition of business, I am inclined to see it incorporated in a larger circle, where all what we are taught in has an equal part.