Yoga Tradition Continued

I will continue my Yoga tradition (or more like my ritual) while I am in Kosovo. I left my Yoga mat at UD for when I return, however I have one here as well. Three years ago, at UD I went to a free Yoga session and ever since then I diligently practice it a couple of days a week. My goal is to practice yoga for an hour four times a week at least. I have learned the main poses and the most important ones when I was enrolled in Yoga classes at UD. Now, I have downloaded several ipod touch applications to learn more poses. Sometimes I also try to make the exercises more vigorous and add some different workouts to change it a bit. If I can't do the whole one hour, I'll try to fit in at least 15-20 minutes of some sort of exercise. Practicing yoga is one of the best routines I have added to my life thanks to UD!