Christmas on Campus: Christina

Many have probably heard of Christmas on Campus because of how big of an event it is on UD’s campus. So here’s another perspective on CoC.

This year, I signed up for a Spanish-speaking buddy because when people were lining up for buddies on KU field earlier on in the semester, not many people were lining up for the Spanish-speakers. I figured I could brush up on my Spanish a bit and help one of those students have an exciting night at UD.

If you’ve been keeping up with my earlier posts, you would probably remember that I’ve posted something about volunteering at Ruskin where I work with English Language Learners and help them increase their reading skills. It turns out that I’ve been paired with one of the girls that I work with at Ruskin. We’ll call my buddy K.

K had no idea who her buddy was and so when she got off the bus to see me, she asked, “what are you doing here!?” Her energy was infectious, making me want to make sure that she had a great time that night.

Everyone is supposed to get their buddies a gift so I got mine a coat that I thought girls her age would like. My friends asked me why I got the coat but it turns out that was the coat that K had wanted for a while now but her mom couldn’t buy it for her.

When it was time to send her off back to the bus at 8pm, she kept telling me how glad she was to have me as her buddy and how she’s always wanted to have someone like me as a buddy. Let me tell you, that was a real sweet moment because she kept going on and on about how much fun she’s had all evening. I didn’t think that I could have such an impact during the short time we’ve had together but I’m glad that I’ve been able to participate in an event that had made someone so happy for even just one night.

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