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Dayton Adventures

Our “spring break” never really runs very long. It officially starts on Wednesday after all of our classes are over. So basically it just means that you have Thursday and Friday off and you’re back on track on Monday. And during this time, as many of us are aware of how break really work; professors assign loads of papers, assignments, and quizzes to study for. Maybe because they think they would be the only ones?? How original.

But other than academics, I had a bit more time to do stuff I normally wouldn’t do if there weren’t any breaks.

During the break I spent a little bit of time downtown at a neat 3D printing cafe and at Second Street Market. It’s been my first time at both places even though I’m a local (I mean if you’re local, you’re more likely to not explore your town as much as visitors would, right? I don’t know, it’s just my theory) the 3D printing cafe is called Proto Buildbar and it seemed like a friendly environment where people just went in to work and drink coffee or get something printed. My friend and I weren’t sure what we wanted to print, but there were many different examples of what others have printed just hanging around the shelves making it easier for people like us to decide what we wanted. Anyway, skipping to the important part:  my friend got a geo-cat, I got a waterbending ring and we both got cat rings.

We had to wait around 90 minutes to have everything printed so we grabbed some coffee and a few pastries and hung out for a while until we decided to go to the market and find some real food to eat. The second street market was less than 5 minutes away from the Proto Buildbar; we could have easily walked but we didn't want to brave the cold. For anyone who’s never been to the market before, it’s similar to the West Side Market up in Cleveland but on a smaller scale. There’s a variety of shops that line the length of the marketplace with food, plants, accessories, etc. I found it to be the sweetest place to buy gifts for friends and family while supporting local families. My friend and I had the chance to interact with many of the shop owners and it seemed like almost all of the shops had homemade recipes and accessories. The people there are friendly, eager to chat, and offer tons of samples (if the samples aren't an incentive enough I don't know what is). 

So if you’re ever looking for something to do downtown with friends or family, I highly recommend searching these two places out.

Note: the market seems a little empty because my friend and I went when it was almost closing time on a Thursday. 

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