Dayton's Gems

If you told my 15 year old self that I was going to be studying education in the University of Dayton, I probably would have scoffed at you and told you to bug off and stop bothering me. I might have had a little bit of an attitude problem. I couldn’t see what the city of Dayton could have offered for me at that age. I wasn’t interested and I didn’t want to explore or to see what was out there. Many have talked about how “ghetto” Dayton was and that downtown should be avoided at all costs. And the few times that I have had to go through downtown, I only saw it in that light. I took other people’s bias towards the city and took that in as my opinion as well. I couldn’t see any opportunities or anything good in the city because of my narrowmindedness.

Fast forward four years later and now I’m a student the University of Dayton and also a Dayton Civic Scholar. I’m out volunteering around the city of Dayton and wondering what more I could be doing for the city and the people inhabiting it. UD has shown me the many different opportunities that are out there for anyone who wants to be civically involved and to develop the place that they are in. I’ve always been told by my dad to love the place that you’re in, no matter where you are. And to do your part in making the place a better one than when you entered it. With the opportunities that DCS has opened up to me, I want to take the initiative to do what I can with my talents to better serve the people in the city I am in. Dayton has been a great city and still is. She’s just waiting for others to open its doors and see her gems for themselves
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