Saturday October 22, 2016

Education Labs

As an education major, it’s required that we go out to labs or fields inside classrooms almost every semester starting our second semester of freshman year. So since then I’ve been going out into classrooms to observe and become more involved in the classroom to get to know students and understand how they learn. It’s been an interesting learning experience in the classrooms. The first classroom I’ve observed last year was a pre-k classroom at Belle Haven in the Dayton area. And this semester I am observing a classroom in the Bombeck center and a 4th grade math class in DECA Prep. The fact that UD allows for education students to become involved in the classrooms is a feature of the teacher ed program that I am thankful for because it gives prospective teachers a valuable experience so early on in the program and in the profession. Through the labs, it helps me to determine the route that I want to take as a future teacher, do I want to teach in a public school? Or how I do I alter this so that I could manage the classroom better? What works in this class and will this work for the other one? Also through the labs, I’ve been able to talk to the coordinating teachers to learn more about their students and hear their tips on preparing to become a teacher. The coordinating teachers are always excited to have UD students in the classroom and their excitement is seriously contagious. The students get super hyped to have someone new in their classroom each week, making you just as happy to see their smiling faces each week. The teachers always have great things to say about the teaching profession and the students that appreciate you and what you do makes me excited for the future.


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