Finding motivation at the final round

There’s less than three weeks left in this semester and I know I’m one of the people who are desperately struggling to find motivation to continue moving forward. This break is either going to give me life or it’s going to take away any ounce of motivation that I’ve had left to finish strong.

I suppose it is a bit exaggerated, considering the fact that I will most likely get everything completed on time just so my GPA doesn’t plummet. Maybe that’s what’ll keep me going strong. When I have a large stack of books that I’ve recently checked out but 5 essays and 2 lesson plans that also need to be completed, I hope you can now understand my dilemma here. The no brainer for any student would be to just finish your darn essays and lesson plans and then read, however, the nice and nearly perfect weather now is not helping in the slightest either. But I will definitely have everything completed once I find that motivation that I'm still looking for. I will keep you all posted.

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