For the Future

I’ve never had a reason to ever go inside of an urban classroom other than last year for one of my field placements for one of my education classes. And just from going that one experience in the classroom I was able to just peek into the lives of children who lived completely different lives from how I’ve grown up in a comfy suburb. Today, I learn more about Dayton and the people who inhabit the city all thanks to UD. Even though I’ve grown up in a suburb of Dayton, I hadn’t thought much about the larger city. It was just another city nearby but it wasn’t a place that I wanted to really set foot into. Coming to UD, I have completely different feelings towards this place. During the time that I am here or maybe even if I do plan to stay (who knows where life will take me) I wish to utilize my time and efforts and talents into helping this city grow and flourish. And where I see that would start is in the classrooms. I currently volunteer at Ruskin Elementary through the Neighborhood Schools Center which is directed by the Fitz Center for Leadership in Community. And I’ve been going every Monday for the past three weeks now. The classroom that I am in now is a mix of first through second graders who are either in there as IEP, ELL, at-risk or emotionally distraught students. I mostly work with the ELLs and some of them are emotionally distraught as well. Though I may not be making the greatest difference in their lives, but I can only hope that the time that I give them and the efforts that I put into helping them learn will be something that would be useful for them in their future endeavors. I highly encourage everyone to go out there into the classrooms even if it's just for an hour every week or even if you’re not an education major because the time you spend with them make the biggest differences to them.
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