Getting Smart with Organizing

Rule #1: Buy a planner and write everything you know you have to do on that planner.

Rule #2: Use your Google calendar to put your classes and work schedules in so you know where you need to be!

Rule #3: I don’t have a better answer for you because I am not a lifestyle blogger with cool tips on life. I’m too busy living mine.

So I have this cute little planner that I bought while I was in Korea over the summer and my advice with buying a planner is buying something that fits you. Last year I had a hard cover and another one with spiral binding and those were just really uncomfortable for me. So when I saw this gem at the store I knew it was the perfect one for me.

There’s a box on the weekly planner section that I can write small notes on. In that section, I write little tasks, that aren’t homework, that I need to complete. For homework, I copy everything from the syllabus onto the date that I know I’m going to start working on them. And once I complete them, I like to cross them out so I know what I’ve complete and what still needs to be done.

On the monthly planning section, I like to write out important papers or assignments that are due and also meetings with their location and time on them. I also like to write out what I’m thinking of doing on the weekend. It’s a great way for me to keep my life organized and prioritize the important things.

I like to use my Google calendar to keep my schedule organized. I put my classes and my work schedule in so I can visualize my day and know what I’m supposed to be doing at a specific time.

It’s incredibly important to stay organized because if you don’t do it, then it’s on you because you’re in college and college = piles of responsibility. So do the right thing and stay on top of things and do what you need to make your mom back at home happy. Stay strong and stay organized! (We only have three and a half months left)

P.S. if you're interested even the tiniest bit in my planner, I've added pictures of it (down below) so you can get a feel of what it looks like. (I've also taken use of Snapchat to cross out my class and location so you all can see how I visualize my day).

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