Let the Stress Games Begin

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Just kidding.

It’s not the most wonderful time right now for college students.

It’s the time for students to compete with one another to see who is the most busiest and who is the most stressed out.

Who had more espresso shots in their coffee? Who stayed up the latest finishing that paper that’s due the next morning? Who wrote the poorest paper but still managed to get a passing grade?

Students are competing for this pretty useless title that has no meaning or recognition other than your body, which will recognize that you’ve been killing it for the past few weeks.

And with this, I’m not entirely certain where I want this to go, other than the fact that I just wanted to point this out. This shouldn’t be our conversation. "Stressed" should not be our personalities nor should "tired" define our state of minds each day. ENJOY THIS TIME. 

It kind of bums me out that so much of our course assignments are due this time of year and that put loads of stress on us. But what power do we students have over their ownership of our grades (sadface)? But since there's nothing that we could really do about this situation, it's important for us to just find our little moments of happiness through this situation.

And because of that, I want to give students some stress relieving ideas that I use for myself. I think it works because I’m not really crying on the floor just yet.

- Grab a friend a go for a quick Ben and Jerry fix up

- Go for a light jog either around campus or at the gym. Even your own home if you don’t feel like leaving (but I recommend getting out of your room and house)

- Paint your nails

- Raid your pantry/snack stash (but try to eat as healthy as possible so you don’t crash and burn)

- Watch cute dog videos

- Look at funny memes on insta and twitter (set a timer because I went for a few hours last time… also with the cute dog videos. It’s easy to lose track of time when on the internet)


- Avoid energy drinks

- Dance party (by yourself or with your friends)

- Watch an inspirational movie (avoid sad movies at all costs because then you’re too busy thinking about the sad things you won’t get around to studying.. Might be speaking from experience)

- TREAT YO SELF (retail therapy is amazing)

- Talk to your parents and siblings

- It’s okay to cry (just make sure you finish the paper on time)

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