Ohio's Weather

For those who live outside of the Midwestern states, you may or may not be accustomed to crazy weather like we have in Ohio. I’ve grown up in Ohio, in the Dayton area to be exact, and during my years here I’ve learned that it’s possible to have all four seasons in one day. It will be freezing one morning as you step outside to start your day and after about a couple hours it will warm up and soon enough, the sun soon begins to scorch its heat making you regret the cozy sweater you decided to wear that morning. Later it begins to cool as the sun slowly sets and then you may experience the freeze once again if you’re out after the sun has retired.

As for the weather this week, the premature warmth has had many people breaking out their shorts and tank tops (though I didn’t think it was really that warm..). It was up in the high 60’s and it was just perfect wearing a light weather and some jeans. But not to my surprise, I woke up this morning to find snow blowing outside my window.

So there you have it, weather in these Midwestern states (some might argue that it’s just Ohio but that's definitely not the case). But don’t let this hinder you from choosing the perfect school for you. I’m just bringing this to the attention to those living in the west or the south, where they might not experience as much drastic changes in the weather. Overall, it’s something many of us have gotten used to as we live here. You’re just going to have to get used to checking the weather every morning.
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