I’m thankful for the opportunities that have been given to me here at UD. I honestly believe that had I decided to attend a larger school, it would’ve been a much different experience than the one that I’m living through right now at UD. Every school has its flaws and even it seems like a place couldn’t have anything wrong with it, people will still find something to complain about (why do you think there are first world problem jokes). But in this post, here are the good things that I’ve experienced and have had access to during the two years that I’ve been here now.

As an education major, I’ve been able to start going out to education labs since my second semester of college and since then, there have been multiple classes that include labs that have helped me be more exposed to students and teachers. These experiences are not quite enough, but a few stepping stones to help me for what’s to come in the future.

Besides the education side (though I can go for hours about them), there are other opportunities that have been helping me develop as a professional and individual. So far, since my freshman year, I’ve been able to start an office job at Student Development which I later traded out for a position at the President’s Office. I am part of the Dayton Civic Scholars 2019 cohort and I have started an internship through the Neighborhood Schools Center and tutored at Cleveland Elementary through Project READ starting my sophomore year.

Through these opportunities, I’ve been able to see myself grow more confident and sure in my professional and individual development. These experiences have been more important to me because I believe that working to grow and learn is far more meaningful than only looking towards graduation. Real life experiences and exposure is necessary.

Again, thanks to UD and all of the staff and faculty who have made my time here so far a great learning experience, I am able to find myself sure of myself and my future. The opportunities here are endless if you just look in the right places.
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