Take a Trip

If you’ve been following along with my past blogposts, you'd know that I’ve taken a trip to New York not too long ago. And as my title gives it away, I’ve taken another one. And it was relaxing. Perhaps a little too relaxing because now I’m so unmotivated to sit down and do any work. But again, during the break, I was able to just let my mind wander and think about other things that weren’t school related and goodness did it feel good. For the past few weeks that we’ve been back from break, I’ve been working myself so I could get everything turned in on time, start on projects that needed my immediate attention, and also work on other things unrelated to school. So to take this break was again was like going in for a breath of fresh air which is necessary for anyone and everyone. And I also got to meet other people that weren’t from UD’s campus during this trip, making it all the more refreshing and new. UD is great and the people are as well but sometimes it feels different when you meet people who attend different schools or come from different backgrounds. And so here I go again, pushing everyone to go to as many adventures, outside of Dayton, as possible. You never know who you’re going to meet, how you’re going to feel, or what you’re going to realize about yourself or the world.

P.s. Do you think you could guess where I was this time? 

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