Tips on Planning to Study Abroad

I’ve known that I wanted to study abroad since my senior year of high school and so I’ve been planning the best time to go since the first semester of my freshman year. At UD, there are many opportunities to SA because UD believes that studying abroad allows for us to learn more from being immersed in a culture different from ours to open up our minds about the world and to learn real experiences outside the classroom and the United States. And the reason why I’ve started early was because as an education major, the schools that I could go to to SA are very limited (UD wants education majors to take all education courses on campus…sadface). Not only that but the classes that you could/might want to take are your general education courses or the CAP courses. So when planning your freshman year, it is best advised to make sure to keep general ed classes saved away so that if you do plan on studying abroad it would give you a better chance with having classes to take when you’re abroad.

I'm planning on studying abroad in Korea University in Seoul, South Korea during the fall semester of my junior year. I go to Korea every summer but living there is completely different from experiencing the city while you visit. So I'm hoping to learn more about the culture and the language better while I am there.

Many students SA during the summer as they don’t want to miss out too much from being away from campus, but I prefer to go for the longer stay as I want to explore and learn for a more extended period of time. Many of my friends that I am talking to now are regretting not taking some measures so that they could SA for a semester, so that’s why I figured I could share my knowledge of this with everyone. If you’re ever interested in finding more about studying abroad, pay a visit to the Rike center or visit the Office of Education Abroad website.

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