Friday September 16, 2016

Campus Convos 1


So Jenea and I decided to change things up a bit this week and so we got together and we went around and asked fellow UD students a few questions! 

We asked them what their goal was in one sentence and what made them smile about UD. 

We had fun talking to other students and finding out what their goals and interests were and so we hope you have fun as you watch them. 

Jenea has recorded the guys comments on her page so if you're interested in their thoughts then check out her blog here!

I didn't get a chance to record what my goals were and what made me smile so I'll write it out for everyone. 

My goal is one sentence is to be as engaged in the community around campus and outside as much as possible. And what makes me smile about UD is the great opportunities that are available for the taking and all of the great people that I've had the chance to meet. 


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