A Weekend Break

Last weekend, I’ve spent an incredibly stress-free weekend in the city that never sleeps. During my time there with my family, I’ve come to realize how relaxed I was. Was it because I was away from campus (probably, just seeing the buildings of my classrooms are giving me headaches now)? Or was it because I was ignoring all of my responsibilities and making the excuse that I needed a mental health weekend getaway (this is probably the answer)? Either way, I hadn’t thought about school for the entire weekend, didn’t stress about what was due the following week, or worry about sending emails out to the right people. It was just the city and me. I really don’t know where I’m going with this, other than that it was just a great weekend and that I highly recommend everyone to just take a weekend for themselves (treat yoself) and stop worrying (just for this weekend and then panic and freak out the next weekend). Because I know that some of my friends have also felt the same great feeling when they’ve been away for just a bit. But a tip before you actually do plan a great weekend getaway: just make sure you’ve finished everything because nothing will make the trip a nightmare than thinking about all the things that you haven’t completed yet.

So here’s a little video of my trip around the city. I’ve been before but it was fun just touring around the same places again. I’ve toured mostly around Manhattan. Anyway, the video is me being pretty annoying and taking way too many pictures (I’ve convinced myself that this video was v important so I made this instead of writing my research paper). So my last advice: take the trip because when else will you take it if not during college?

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