Up and Moving

I dislike working out. Well, running more than anything. The quote 'Running is only fun when it's over' resonates with me on a personal level. But I still ran every so often because I would see some motivational pictures on Instagram or Facebook and decide to work out, but my motivations always died after 3 days or 3 weeks max. Then after maybe a month or two I would see something on my feed and think that maybe this time it will be different (that was never the case). I would get sore at times and feel that I need to rest, so I would rest the next day and I wouldn't step foot into the gym for the next few months. It’s been this unsuccessful cycle for a while now. Last year, my freshman year of college, I promised myself that I would stay fit and eat healthy.  That failed after about two weeks. After that, I went to the gym sporadically but it was inconsistent and it was whenever I felt that I had a heavy dinner or ate too many cookies (my problem is that I can never say no to dessert). Even just this past summer, right before I left for vacation, I promised myself that I was going to be super fit by the end of this summer.  I “worked out” everyday after dinner (my workout consisted of walking at 3mph on the treadmill for maybe 30 minutes or not even). But that plan went straight out the window the moment I got on the plane. I've always blamed the fact that I was so busy or that life just got in the way. But about two weeks ago, as I was planning for the new semester, I’ve decided yet once again to get fit so I can have a healthy body and mind instead of being mentally and physically exhausted because my lack of movement. I’m sure everyone’s already aware of this by now, but exercise:

  • Improves your mood, reduces stress, depression and anxiety

  • Gives you more energy and helps keep you focused

  • Sharpens your memory and helps with learning

  • Feel less fatigued and more energized (boosts strength and endurance, helps make your cardiovascular system run more efficiently, and delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues) 

These are just a few of the things that keep me motivated at the moment. I’m currently on 19 credit hours and trying to juggle school, work, friends, volunteering, and getting involved so life is just a tad bit hectic for me. With all of that, I’m currently trying to just be more active. The rec has free bike rentals so I plan to bike out to other parts in downtown to either volunteer (saving gas and getting exercise!) or just sightsee around Dayton. I’m excited to keep up with my plans and stay more healthy this semester and year. I suppose it’s time to kiss monster cookies and chocolate brownies goodbye… for now and say hello to the RecPlex. 

Source: Health.com

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