Nostalgia Rugs

03.31.2014 | Students

Blue Shag Rug

I remember my freshman year dorm room so well. I was in Founders first floor on the north side. My roommate and I didn't necessary have a theme to our room but it was navy blue, gray, and white for the most part. I brought a navy blue shag rug. I wouldn't deem myself a neat freak, but I do vacuum every other day for the most part. The summer going into school I remember my mom obsessing over finding a carpet. I would just reply with, doesn't UD have some sort of rug service we can buy through them; My mom researches like no one else I know. She realized that the rug through UD would be delivered later than when I moved in and when parents would be back on the road to New Jersey. The hassle of moving all the furniture after moving in would be stressful and hard, especially without my parents help. My mom insisted on this blue shag rug from some liquidator in Dayton. My dad and I tend to just go with the flow, since we know she will always win. So we got the blue shag rug, and at first it made the closet sized dorm look small and dark. Through the semester I would vacuum and clean it regularly since it acted as a home to many of my belonging. The last week of school right before summer my roommate and I started packing and it became time to decide what I should do with my blue shag rug. It was in perfect condition and the parting was going to be hard. I called my mom to conference on the decision. Rolling it up and driving it home would take a great portion of room in the Subaru wagon, but throwing it out is so wasteful. Unfortunately, I had to part with my rug, but while parting I thought of an idea. Why doesn't UD have a system were gently used furnishings, like my blue shag rug, can be recycled to other students for little to no pay? I would have loved to pass on my rug and all of its embedded memories to an incoming founders freshman. The sizing was wall to wall and the warmth was homey as can be. This program would allow more memories to be sewn in rather than thrown in the dumpster!


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