2nd Street Market

11.25.2013 | Fun Friday

Eclectic cheeses, fresh breads, and colorful jams line the shelves of 600 E 2nd Street every Saturday. Local vendors sell anything from raw honey to flavor-infused olive oils. My anthropology professor raved several times about the vibrant vibe and fresh foods that 2nd Street Market had to offer, so my roommates and I decided to check it out. The market carried a savory aroma from the beginning to the end. We first did a walk through to get acquainted with the layout. Vendors offered samples of their goods arranged delightfully on their tables. While there were vendors selling food to take home, there was also eat- in restaurants. Although I did not purchase any meals from the restaurants the temptation was there. From crepes to falafel burgers 2nd Street Market has just about anything. I did make one purchase while on my first visit to the market. I bought my mom a candle for Thanksgiving. It wasn't just a regular wax candle; this hand made treasure was a massage oil and moisturizer candle. Rather than typical wax, when the wick is burning what would be the liquid wax is actually oil. The scent I chose was eucalyptus and spearmint. While making my way around the market I saw tons of UD students browsing around. I enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the idea that the food I am buying was grown by the person who is selling it. 2nd Street Market is located at 600 E 2nd Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402

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