Figlio Pizza: A Meal to Remember

11.21.2013 | Hot Topics

I am always interested in exploring restaurants in Dayton. Being from New Jersey, my knowledge of this city is little to none. I’ve been to the Oregon District and have eaten at several restaurants there: Thai 9, Jay’s Seafood, and Coco’s Bistro just to name a few. One restaurant I tried this week, while my Dad was visiting, was Figlio Wood- Fired Pizza. Nestled in the Town and Country Shopping Center, this Italian bistro has a menu that features predictable dishes with a twist.  The menu consists of pizza, pasta, chicken entrees, and salads while introducing unique toppings and flavors to differentiate themselves from the brioolivegarden typical. My eyes were taken by the pear and Brie pizza. “Slices of fresh Bartlett pear on a crust with creamy French brie, blue cheese, and prosciutto. Finished with arugula and spicy citrus drizzle.” When my plate arrived I was overwhelmed by the subtle sweet and creamy smells. I would classify myself as a picky eater. Consistency and texture really make or break my experience with a meal. Figlio is affordable, comfortable, and just down right tasty!


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