At Home Beauty Remedies

11.11.2013This past Saturday my roommates and I were in the mood to do some home remedies, specifically for our hair and skin. After researching on the Internet, we found several that we were interested in trying out. The first consisted of mixing baking soda and water and massaging it into the scalp, while our hair was damp. This was supposed to clean the scalp while also stimulating hair growth. After, we put coconut oil at the ends of our hair, and let sit for 20 minutes. While waiting, we beat two egg whites to rub on our faces. We were amazed at how tight the egg made our faces feel. The tightness in our skin felt as though we had just gotten a face-lift. We couldn't move or even smile! After 20 minutes we rinsed our hair to rid the coconut oil and wiped away the egg whites. Lastly, to top off our day at Salon de Irving Ave, we made a brown sugar and honey scrub. Did these tricks work? Is our hair shiny and silky? I can say that my hair does in fact feel silkier than before dumping our pantry in it.


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