Open that Fridge!

01.22.2014 | Hot Topics

We open the refrigerator, see nothing appealing, and walk away. Five minutes later we walking back to open the refrigerator, nothing new has been added but still we check. This cycle repeats until either we settle with something we see or order delivery.  While surfing the web I stumbled upon a site called my fridge food. The site will decrease those walks to the fridge and change the way you look at your food. Their homepage has food items that you can check off. You can check off ones that you have and the website will generate various recipes that you can make. The food listed ranges from apples to mustard. I decided to check out how good these recipes are. I clicked food I had which included apples, rice, honey, chicken breast, garlic, olive oil, onions, and brown sugar. Next a page appeared where I could filter the results for meal type such as crock-pot or diabetic, based on calories, and even breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Some recipes that matched my fridge included sweet garlic chicken, homemade applesauce, and no fat smoothie. The site even includes recipes at you are close to achieving but need one more item that you may have in that spice cabinet! This site is perfect for college students with their eclectic fridges! 


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