Spring Break

03.10.2014 | Students

It is hard to believe that Spring Break was last week. As the typical college student ventures to the warm beautiful beaches of Mexico or Punta Cana, I decided to take my four-day weekend back to my stomping ground on the East Coast, New Jersey. My roommate joined me, which makes her my first UD friend to visit my hometown. The idea of going home began back in February. My mom informed me of Frontier Airlines new program, flights from Cincinnati to Trenton, NJ for under $100. Although I am not from Trenton, anywhere that is less than two hours from my house seems close. In addition, roundtrip flights for under $100 is unheard of these days.

So, my roommate and I booked our flights and we were set on going to N.J. for break. When discussing what we would do while at home, my mom suggested the idea that we stay in New York City for the weekend. We loved the idea so rolled with it. She adores Jimmy Fallon, especially on his new show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that airs on NBC weeknights at 11:35 PM. She hinted that she would love go to his show on Friday March 7th. That happened to be my birthday, but hey I had no plans. When I told my roommate about her idea she seems excited so we agreed to go. We thought you just go on Ticketmaster and buy the amount of tickets for whatever taping we wished to see. We were completely wrong. My mom instructed us that his tickets go live online randomly and you have to stay tuned to the website at all hours. Being students we don't have time to sit and refresh our screens to see when Jimmy Fallon tickets are available. She also explained that you are only allowed to reserve up to four tickets under the same last name, I have four people in my family and if my roommate and possibly two of my friends from home wanted to come we would need at least seven. So, My roommate had to attentively watch the Jimmy Fallon ticket page.

Two weeks go by and my roommate and I are sitting in principles of selling when I receive a call and a text message from my mom. Ignoring the call, but swiping to view the message I read, "THEY ARE UP!!". I knew exactly what she was referring to. Luckily we had our laptops open so we could calmly reserve the four tickets and put an end to this nail biting process. Once we confirmed our four tickets and my mom confirmed theirs we thought we were golden and set for the show.

Fast forward to March 5th. Our flight from Cincinnati to Trenton was quick and easy. But... the unthinkable happened to me in the security line. What every fashion obsessed college girl dreads, the zipper on my luggage popped. As I was talking off my shoes I witnessed my bag explode much like a volcano. Dresses, jeans, shirts, belts, shoes, and jewelry spilling onto the airport security conveyor belt. As I looked to my roommate, my mouth dropped. What was I going to do?

One of the many differences between the East Coast and Midwest that I have noticed, while being at UD, is the people are calmer and speak with a much more sensitive tone and mannerism. Once my panic stricken face caught the TSA eye's they smiled and said,"Don't worry about it, happens all the time!" Although we didn't fix my bag, we did make do with large clear trash bags that exposed all of my treasures to not only flight 934 but to the whole Cincinnati Airport.

Once landed, my mom picked us up and we headed home. While on our way, she explained what we needed to do for the Tonight Show. She explained that the confirmation receipt I had printed out was not in fact our ticket. That is just documentation that you have reserved a spot in line to hopefully be admitted into the show. But no worries, she had this all planned out. We would hope on an 8 AM train Friday morning getting us into NYC around 9:30. Once we arrived we would rush to the hotel, in Times Square, and I could fix myself up since I had an interview at 11. I would rush to the interview, sell myself, and then run to meet my family and friends at the NBC experience store at 2. Once there we would wait in line until 3:45 to be assigned either a number or a letter. Then we would leave head back to hotel change into our outfit for the show and dinner then head back to the NBC studios at 5 where we would get assigned out seats and then hopefully get into the show.

The guests Jimmy had on the show that night included the hilarious and intelligent Stephen Colbert, Keri Russell, and the band Broken Bells. Being an electronic media major and working in the studio a good deal I was so amazed by the studio set up and the behind the scenes process. Some interesting observations I took note of included: Jimmy chews a NEW piece of gum in between every segment, he uses hand written cards rather than a teleprompter, there is water in his mug, there is an applause light up sign (not that it is ever needed, since he is naturally funny), and there are cell phone police that are ready to pounce on anyone who touches, looks at, or even thinks of their cell phone.

Easy peasy right???? Well her itinerary wasn't far from what our day looked like. It was an experience. At the time we may have all been a tad irritable, hungry, claustrophobic, and tired... but in the end not many can say they sat front row and watched The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on their 21st birthday.

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