Traders World

01.31.2014 | Hot Topics

Have you ever seen the wild zoo animals and palm trees on route I 75? Well, if you have, you have seen Traders World. Traders World is known as “Ohio’s Largest Family Shopping Mall”. It houses many vendors that are as eclectic as the statues surrounding the property. The layout of the mall reminds me of an airport. Long terminals branch off from a wide long center hallway. This past Saturday, my roommate and I ventured down to the mall. Some vendors that were present ranged from kitchenware and faux designer jewelry to free legal advice and magic eight balls. Besides digging through treasures there is also carnival food available. Fudge, cotton candy, and funnel cake fills the center hall causing everyone’s mouth to salivate. Symbolic and historic Midwest props are featured within the terminals. Picnic benches are scattered throughout making it a family friendly daytrip. In the summertime, vendors also line the exterior of the building! So whether you are looking for something in particular or just want to see what exactly is in that head-turning building, Traders World is definitely worth the trip! As for the zoo animals and palm trees… I still have no explanation for that!

See link on right for Traders World website!


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