You can do it!

Each day is becoming shorter, my pile of things to do is starting to resemble Mt. Everest, and my roommate is snoring louder than ever because of a cold. These circumstances can only amount to one thing; the end of the semester is approaching. As a preemptive strike of any and all freak-outs or meltdowns that may be ahead for college students everywhere, I am here to provide some reassurance.

Although this may come as a disappointment to some, there is no classified recipe or “Krabby Patty Secret Formula” to close out a semester in the most productive and efficient way possible. Every student has 1,000 different things going on, and even if each student had the same things to do, there would be an infinite amount of ways to get them done. The end of the semester comes down to knowing which of the many studying techniques work best for you.

Some students cram at the last minute, pull all-nighters, and chug copious amounts of caffeinated beverages while others begin studying weeks in advance for exams. My only advice would be to study in a way that has worked in the past because, contrary to popular belief, the end of the semester does not necessarily call for extreme action.

Finals week does not always need to be handled like a basketball team chucking up desperation three-point shots in the closing minutes of a big game. If the situation really calls for it, like an OH-MY-GOODNESS-I-CAN’T-EVEN-RIGHT-NOW exam is coming up, then it may be necessary to take drastic action. But otherwise, take the time to study hard and do your best. I promise life will indeed go on after finals, and what a life it will be. 

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