Solidarity Stand

In an effort to represent solidarity, UD faculty and staff gathered in Humanities plaza today to emphasize the openness of the UD community to all people, no matter their “religion, race, gender, sexual orientation or origin.” Signs included phrases such as “UD against hate” and “Stop hate, spread love.” After speaking with a few faculty members present at the gathering, I was repeatedly informed this was not a protest of any kind. Rather, the assembly was meant as a representation of upholding the University of Dayton’s Catholic and Marianist values, which, according to one faculty member is “respecting the dignity of every person.”

The gathering’s fruition was not through the organization of one individual, but through a group effort of faculty and staff. From my observations, an array of academic disciplines was represented. To further the solidarity, students were also welcome to join in the peaceful group. As an active member of the community, I have never personally witnessed racism on UD’s campus. However, this does not mean racism is absent. UD is certainly not immune to social issues, but when confronted with them, UD will certainly not stand inactive by the wayside.  

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