For college students, Thursday nights can be spent a variety of different ways. Some may be at the library studying until the wee hours of the morning while others may have started the weekend early with a plate of sour gummy worms and a Nintendo 64 Mario Kart binge (I would be hard-pressed to say I have not done this). However, there is a unique group that gathers every Thursday night at the University of Dayton, and it does not involve academics, Koopa Troopa Beach, or a sugar rush.

Thursday Night Live (TNL) is a weekly gathering at ArtStreet for UD student musicians to showcase their talent. This is not only for students studying music, but an opportunity for all majors to jam out. All are welcome to enjoy the sounds and dimly lit, highly creative atmosphere. Coming as no surprise, last Thursday featured a handful of highly talented UD students, one of which was the lovely Jessica Bullock.

Bullock, a sophomore psychology major, played piano and sang a number of songs in a “mashed up” manner. Rather than honing in on one style, she combined a mix of genres with her flowing fingers to create her own sound. When asked about what she chose to play, Bullock explained she likes to play what she feels. “I play what I feel passionate about, but my goal is to make people feel something from my music… Music without feeling isn’t really music. I think it’s beautiful to be present to feel the truth of the music, not just listening to something that is edited.”

As a witness of Bullock’s performance Thursday, I can certainly attest of her honest showing. In the words of one ArtStreet employee, her performance was a clear example of “UD student talent expressing itself.” Such elegant evenings are not uncommon on Thursdays, as they occur week after week. In the instance you find yourself in a dull moment on a Thursday evening, attend TNL at ArtStreet, where it’s perfectly acceptable to transform alternative rock and roll into a magnificent motion of smooth piano. 

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