Determined to Develop

In a previous blog entry, I described the importance of international travel and how, particularly for college students, exploring foreign lands can provide insight into the diverse cultures that make up human life. Such exploration is not performed merely to determine where the best cheeseburgers are made, but to acquire a more complete comprehension of one’s own psyche. It’s also possible to recognize the humanity shared among people, similar to how my buddy coined the phrase “Cultures change, but people do not.” I have this wonderful opportunity once again. For the upcoming summer of 2017, I will be participating in the Malawi Research Practicum on Rights & Development.

Along with four fellow UD undergraduate students, I will be working closely with a non-governmental agency (NGO) called Determined to Develop, local community leaders and organizations, and other Malawian university students to design and conduct a research project on a critical human rights or development issue in Malawi. Among many others, former projects have included secondary education needs, macroeconomic impact on rural business, and water security in rural settings. My project will be involved with the environment, although it has not been fully planned yet (details to come).

For this upcoming summer, I already find great difficulty articulating my emotions. My previous experience in Zambia, Malawi’s western neighbor, made far greater of an influence on me than I ever could have imagined. My hope is to experience something similar to this for the upcoming summer. In no way do I intend to arrive in Malawi acting as if I have the answers to everything. However I do intend to arrive with an open mind and heart, ready to help in whatever way I can. 

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