On Your PATH to 30

Described in my previous blog post, UD students are frantically scrounging for PATH points in hopes of priority housing for next year. Most opportunities to earn a point involve attending an event of some sort, but a unique opportunity is offered through the University of Dayton’s student recreational facility called the RecPlex. And by unique I mean 4 PATH points. And by 4 PATH points I mean WE HIT THE JACKPOT.

Here’s how it works: Students involved in the program, called the On Your PATH to 30 challenge, are required to swipe into the RecPlex for at least a half hour, four times a week to earn one point. The program runs over the course of four weeks, totaling the 4 points. No specific activity is required, so long as each student participants in some sort of activity.

Gauging from my interactions with fellow students, the program has been a success. Everyone seems to be heading to the Rec to pump out a few bicep curls or limber up on the indoor track. Personally, one unforeseen outcome of the PATH to 30 has been the fierce rivalry that is now roaring amongst my roommates. While all in the spirit of good fun, my roommates and I have fallen into a habit of playing dripping sweat, I’m-going-to-elbow-you-so-you-miss-this-layup two on two basketball games. What starts out as a friendly, whimsical basketball game often turns quite intense with a fair amount of trash talking. One outdoor game even featured my teammate/roommate fighting through a bleeding toe in the hunt for victory.

Overall the On Your PATH to 30 program is a wonderful incentive for an already active UD campus to engage in physical activity. It is the perfect way to reward those who frequently go to the Rec and provides incentive for those who do not go as often. Go get your 30! 

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