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If you had to find out about the current state of affairs at the University of Dayton were from a student’s perspective, what would you do? Perhaps parade around campus pestering students all day? If you are not looking to be annoying, I suggest an alternative route. Scattered throughout academic buildings on tables or windowsills and appearing when I realize another issue will soon be emerging, Flyer News is, in the words of one student writer, “the University of Dayton's student-run, student-produced news source that utilizes both print and online platforms to allow our voices, as students, to be expressed.”

Open to all majors, years, and writing experience, Flyer News is made by UD students, for UD students. It covers everything from national news, as some very interesting articles were written about the recent election, to local Flyer happenings on campus, such as Flyerthon, a dance marathon to benefit a local children’s hospital. Stories are accumulated from fellow students and inboxes as well as other tips. Indicated by a student writer, it takes an entire team of “creative, technological-savvy, journalistic-minded, and graphic design-oriented people to produce a newspaper.” It then only makes sense that Flyer News has its own personality with serious articles, editorial pieces, and, my personal favorite, plenty of goofy tidbits.

If you are unfamiliar with Flyer News, I strongly encourage you to give it a read. If you want to be a writer, you should ABSOLUTELY, no questions asked, check it out. For those that feel reading a newspaper is only for retired folks, I ensure it is not. All it takes is a comfy chair, perhaps a cross of the legs, and an unfolding of the paper. 

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