PATH Points

Around this time of year, a lot of UD students start to get antsy. Could it be spring showing the slightest hint of flirtation after a brisk winter? Or perhaps it is anticipation for March Madness and another potential Flyer run at the final four? (YOU CAN’T STOP US!) Both may be factors in the restlessness, but the biggest contributor is the approaching deadline for PATH points.

If you are not a UD student, your next question may very well be, “What in the name of merciful Neptune is a PATH point?” For anyone unfamiliar with these mysterious numerical values, a PATH point is a Point Accumulated Toward Housing.  The PATH point system is UD’s method to determine which students will receive their highest priority housing they requested. The more PATH points you have, the better the chance to live where you want. Opportunities for points are offered throughout the year with the deadline in March.

Generally the only way to receive points is to attend events around campus, outside of class time. Did you hear that? I can already make out the grumbles of students who don’t want to attend the events. Many students don’t attend events in the beginning of the year, which brings us to the current state of students rushing to PATH events in hopes for good housing next year. In some cases, I can’t help to think that some students would be willing to jump off a cliff or eat a bowl of pickled toenails for a PATH point. (You may be able to talk me off the cliff, but I’ll leave the toenails for you.)

I will admit, as a full time student with a job and extra curricular activities, it can be a bit difficult to attend PATH point events. The same can be said across the board. College is a juggling act of everything from career development programs to schoolwork to a social life. Everyone is busy, but it creates an even PATH point playing field.

Although the point system is tough to swing as a student, the quality of PATH events is second to none. They are well-organized, diverse events designed for students to think or interact in ways beyond their academic curriculum. For instance, one of the last events I attended was a live arts concert featuring the lovely cellist Ashley Bathgate. She put a unique twist on some of Bach’s most famous pieces, not only playing the originals but also adding new flourishes on the music. Listening to the old and new one after another was like taking a ride in a musical time machine.

While some students may only be attending events to accumulate PATH points I sincerely hope that one or two events can spark something in their minds, even if it is something little. It is events like these that can inspire passion. 

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