River Mobile

When driving on the highway you are bound to see a number semi truck trailers. Many of them are carrying goods supplied at restaurants, grocery stores, and supercenters across the United States. I’m guessing you’ve seen semis of all colors, shapes, and sizes, but have you ever seen one with an interactive classroom inside its trailer?

The University of Dayton Rivers Institute has such a unique mobile classroom. Stretching in at 53 feet, the deep royal blue trailer displays “RIVER MOBILE” in large letters on the outside. Large illustrations and pictures accompany the letters, showing a map of the Great Miami River Watershed (the watershed in which the University of Dayton is located) and folks enjoying the Great Miami River, which runs through the city of Dayton. However it is when you step inside the River Mobile that things get even more interesting.

The River Mobile is comprised of three unique compartments featuring an introduction into the history of Dayton and its relationship with water, a brief lesson into how a watershed and aquifer work, and a recreation of the ecosystem of the Great Miami River. I cannot reveal all of the River Mobile’s quirks and surprises, but I strongly encourage you to take a tour through such a great asset to the Dayton community!

Throughout the spring, summer, and fall, the River Mobile makes trips to local schools, events, and festivals with the same vision of the Rivers Institute: Inspire and educate leaders who empower communities to be stewards of rivers. It provides the opportunity for both children and adults alike to learn of the importance of rivers, watersheds, aquifers, and water not only in Ohio, but also around the world. As a River Steward, I am proud to share the message of the River Mobile around the Dayton community and look forward to the amplification of its message for years to come. 

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