River Clean Up

Yesterday marked the beginning of a celebration week for Eric F. Spina’s installation as the 19th president of the University of Dayton. A number of events were scheduled on Sunday, such as a 5k run, cornhole tournament, and student organization showcase. Among the events for Sunday was a River Stewards organized river cleanup (check previous blogs for more details about RS). The event was open to the entire UD community. As a River Steward, I was excited to get out by the river to scoop some garbage and enjoy the great weather!

There was an excellent turn out as over 100 volunteers made their way to the event on the Great Miami River! The strategy was to divide and conquer. Several subgroups were formed and sent in different directions on opposite sides of the river. It was great to see how much ground we covered and the amount of trash we collected! By the end of things, a mountain of black trash bags sat waiting to be retrieved from the city of Dayton.

At the end of the event, President Spina came to talk to the participants of the event and thank them for making a positive impact on the community and city of Dayton. He also wanted to clarify that this week of celebration of his installation should only partially be about him. He promoted the week as a celebration for the entirety of the UD community in all that it does, such as the river clean up. It reminded me how lucky I am to be here, and how important it is for me to utilize the growth I have made here in the world beyond. 

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