Thumbs Up to Senior Year!

*Disclaimer: This post is partially sentimental.

Senior year. Whoa. It seems like only yesterday I was in my Stuart residence hall dormitory room mowing down spoonful after spoonful of peanut butter, deciphering what college meant for me, and making some of the best memories of my young life. Well, almost all of that is true. I’m very much a peanut butter fanatic, but the best memories part never really ended. That’s still ongoing.

Over the last three years, this being my fourth and final year at UD, I have been lucky enough to become acquainted with some of the most unique and genuine humans to ever walk this earth. To list a few, I’ve become friends with those that share my fascination of our natural world, those that are addicted to splashing 3-pointers on the basketball court, and those that laugh loudly from beautiful hearts and ponder quietly from intelligent minds. I’ve found some of the guys that will be the groomsmen at my wedding. I’ve laughed, and cried, harder than I ever could have foreseen with some of these miraculous people. Before starting college I was told I’d be making some of the best friends of my life, but damn. I wasn’t ready for this.  

In terms of education, my cognitive, spiritual, and pragmatic configurations have been ameliorated, all facilitated in LARGE part by the University of Dayton and its tremendous faculty, resources, and opportunities. If you were to hold a conversation with the fall 2014 version of Corey (or Pooks, to some of you) as opposed to now in 2017, the discrepancy would be stark. I’m a different person. Yes, of course, I still enjoy gulping down a good spoonful of peanut butter (some things never change), but my understanding of myself and the surrounding world is much more holistic and thorough.

The next big question is, “Okay, Corey/Pooks, you gap-toothed goofball, what are you going to do with all this growth and development that UD has helped you attain?” Well, that is the question! I’m not entirely sure, and, to be completely honest, I would be a little skeptical if I did know at this point. Particularly after my research trip to Malawi this summer, which will be detailed in a succeeding post, my mind and heart are pulling me in different directions. I like to think my future is bright, but in a blurry, low resolution type of way. In other words, I’m not certain as to what it specifically holds, but I’m confident that I’m moving in the right direction. What I do know for certain is that I think about my post-UD life every day, and whatever decision I ultimately make will not be one of thoughtlessness.

Through all of this attempted sagaciousness and uncertainty of life after graduation, I’m going to enjoy every minute I have remaining as an undergraduate at the University of Dayton. I cannot feel any more blessed to have been able to attend a school such as this. A school that has given me the intangibles to take on whatever life could possibly throw at me, and best friends that are only a stone’s throw away, if not under the same roof or, better yet, on the same porch. 

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