Be Still & Give Thanks


| Campus and Community

Where did this semester go? This is the constant question circulating in my head. I must have blinked, because I thought it was just last week that I moved into my home at 229 Lowes and began my senior year. How did it get to be the end of November?

A Time to Give Thanks


| Campus and Community

When things speed up, slow yourself down.

Tips for a Great Thanksgiving Break


| Students

Well, at this time tomorrow evening I will be home for Thanksgiving Break. In my two and a half years at UD, I have never been looking forward to goin...

Dayton Beats Alabama


| Athletics

What a fun day it was! Yesterday, the Dayton Men's Basketball team had a game that started at 1PM! Wow, how crazy is that. The game tipped at 1PM on a...

Break is Near


| Hot Topics

Only six days away from checking into my flight….

Flyers Basketball


| Athletics

My senior year of high school I was walking down the hallway with my junior year American Literature teacher, who was also the athletic director. As w...

Pumpkin Spice Weather


| Campus and Community

It is that time of the year again!

Good Food, Better Company


| Campus and Community

What fills you up with joy?

I can tell you what fills my heart up: human connection. Sharing stories, feelings, experiences…and what better way to connect with one another than over good food? That sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Tukens Apple Farm


| Culture and Society

I was looking for the memories and that is exactly what I got...

This Break is Needed...Bad!


| Students

Wow. That's all I can think about now realizing that I am registering for my second semester of Junior year. Lately, I've been just exhausted! I have ...

Five Weeks Left!


| Campus and Community

When I’m working hard time flies and with time flying home is just that much closer!



| Health

College is without a doubt stressful. From the moment we arrive on campus, we are immediately immersed in a hectic world of club meetings, classes, so...

It's Back!


| Athletics

D-A-Y-T-OOOO-N! Dayton! Flyers! Go UD!

Faith Foundations


| Catholic

College will change your life in numerous ways. Find a new foundation.

Halloweekend Exploring Dayton


| Campus and Community

Too often it’s easy to stay on campus – comfortably surrounded by the amazing community UD is. Coming from the high-energy and familiar ci...