Sunday Twist


| Catholic

The National Hispanic Heritage Month, a period where the contributions of Hispanics and Latinos are recognized, was celebrated from September 15 to Oc...

You Again?!


| Students

I just saw you!

A Reflection On An Incomplete Manifesto For Growth


| Education

The better we take care of ourselves and better ourselves the more room to be who we are is allowed and this provides room for better thought process...

Beyond Campus-Tedx Dayton


| Education

Every college campus has a bubble, so here at Dayton, we are considered to be in this “UD bubble.” This means that here on campus, we are ...

Major Choices: Part 2


| Education

Part 2: Choosing A Major

Fighting the Sickness


| Students

In high school, sometimes you may stay home from school because you are sick. I was guilty of this when I was ill, as it is incredibly hard to stay fo...

A Flyer's Fall Break


| Campus and Community

Fall Break, Mid Term Break, whatever kind of “break” you call it…it always comes at the perfect time.



| Campus and Community

Wednesday's are typically long days for me. With four classes, meetings, and fitting in some time to get to the gym, there is a lot going on. This pas...

Fall Break


| Campus and Community

Breaks at UD come at the perfect time-right when classes become overwhelming and tests start bombarding you causing slight panic and extreme stress. S...



| Education

Just remember that it’s important to keep the final product in mind and have a goal; however every step, every process, every moment counts and should be delved into.

The Much Needed Break


| Students

Fall Break is always an exciting time for students. They are 

Putting on the Hits!


| Campus and Community

Greek Week– a time where friendly competition among the Greek community fills the air!

A week where themed sheet signs hang high over sorority and fraternity houses, competitive activities are in motion, fundraisers are in progress for amazing causes, and endless hours of dance practice has everyone anxiously awaiting what is (in my opinion) the best day in the Greek world: POTH!

Major Choices


| Campus and Community

Part 1: Choosing a College



| President

It's not everyday that you get to have dinner with the President of your university.

My Favorite Time of Year


| Culture and Society

Leaves are starting to turn. Air gets colder. Green Day has finally woken up. (aka September ended) And that means it's time for one of my favorite se...