Finals Care for the Community

We all know that finals weeks can be a tough time to get through, and we all know that we can sometimes to do simple things to take care of ourselves like manage our time, sleep, or most importantly eat when we are so caught up in our studying.

In the midst of the panic of the upcoming week of finals, one of the places that I made sure I visited was the Office of Multicultural Affairs. 

Of course, from my previous blogs, you would know that OMA is like a second home to me. However, the end of the semester and finals time is one of the best times to be there because you truly get a chance to see the community in action there. 

I was just sitting studying, a little nervous for the Organic Chemistry Lab final that I was about to attend when I saw a handful of people walking into the lounge space with tons of snacks and supplies. I was shocked, I mean, I knew OMA was a place that you could always get free snacks, but it was as if we were about to feed everyone at UD with the amount that they had. 

Apparently, I wasn't far from the truth. 

The next thing I knew, Merida, the assistant director of Multicultural Affairs, was asking people if they wanted to be a part of the assembly like to put together the finals care packages. Before I knew I was in line with about 20 other people working around a huge table to put literally any snack that you could probably think of as well as other supplies like pens, note cards, post-its, into bags. My guess is that we probably assembled close to 250 or 300 bags, but that wasn't the best part. 

The best part was how great I felt helping out and having that bonding time with the OMA community. It was a time that we got to laugh, talk about finals, work together and strategize as a team ("hey what's the easiest way to distribute 200 granola bars, 100 fruit snacks, 150 rice crispy treats, and 1000 notecards?"), and all together just let off some steam before the upcoming week. Not only did I just enjoy being present there, but the genuine feeling that I had of helping out so many people at once is something that I cannot get over. It's why I love volunteering places so much and just being a part of a good, heart-warming experience. There are so many people who, at the end of the semester, don't have any meal plan money left, they may feel a little depressed and alone, and they may find it hard to get through the week. But through OMA, even if it's a little snack, we told people that we see them, we care about them, and that we believe in their success. A simple gesture could go a long way for some people and it could help them to keep going and to work hard.

Once again, I'm thankful for the OMA community and what it does for me, and I am so glad to have had the experience to make other people's day. 

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