Power Through the Home Stretch

To think about the fact that my sophomore year of college is quickly coming to a close is something that's becoming overwhelming. I feel like I just got here, and I don't like when things come to an end, so the fact that it's almost summer time again means that time is slipping away from me too quickly!

I like to refer to April as GPA Awareness Month--the final time to reflect on, repair, and reinforce your GPA before the semester ends. For me, this means calculating grades, meeting with professors, and coming up with a plan to make it to the summer with minimal damage to your GPA. Hopefully, it's looking better than it ever did before. This communication with your professors is a part of the "reflect" aspect of GPA Awareness Month. For the "repair" portion, this means talking about what you can do in each of your classes, whether it's extra credit, turning in a late assignment, or just doing exceptionally well on the next exam, this is about putting in the work to get to a great spot academically. Now, you may be thinking "shouldn't you be doing this all semester long?" Why, yes, yes you are. But in college, things don't always go as they are planned, and as the middle of the semester starts to blend into the end of the semester, and you awaken out of the slumber you've been in while going through the motions of everyday college life while caught up in your social life, your extracurricular activities, and your other daily concerns, you may come to realize that you haven't been paying as much attention to your grade point average as you should have. For example, I haven't been able to sit down and write a blog in weeks because I hit a point in the semester when every single day has been jam-packed with responsibility and other obligations. However, I believe that this part of the semester is the true test of how well you are able to manage your responsibilities, your grades, and your sanity. to me, reinforcing your GPA is making sure that you Ace as many finals as possible so that your GPA is able to stand strong until the next semester of finals. You want to do work and take classes that you know will give you a good balance of rigorous and "less vigorous"...aka "GPA boosters" that can help you out along the way.

Thinking about the fact that I have only one more week of sophomore year classes is both nauseating and exciting at the same time. My classes this entire year have been more difficult than those in the past and it has also been the first year that I've gone through both semesters taking 18 credits, the absolute maximum. Hopefully, the 12 credits that I'm taking in the summer will give me a break for my coming semesters so that I don't have to endure too many extra 18-credit-hour semesters, but if not, anything helps. 

Basically, April is all about tying up loose ends and finishing up the year strong to provide a good foundation for the next year. It's been a wild ride and with a few more days left of school, I'm ready to start my summer!

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