Yes, I'm Going to Be an RA

I received the email nearly two weeks ago and I am still in shock.

I'm not exactly sure how to feel about my new position, but it is a good "I'm not sure how to feel" feeling. I know the RA position on campus is something that is highly sought after, mostly because of the benefits but also because of the experience you gain from being an RA.

I know that Housing and Residence Life has high expectations for its staff, and so I just hope that I learn and remember enough in the training to do the best that I can do. Sometimes I try to imagine the tremendous amount of responsibility that I have just taken on, but in talking with some of my friends who are currently resident assistants, I know that this is something I will not be able to feel until I actually experience it. I am a big planner in everything that I do, and so that side of me desperately wants to know exactly what everything is going to be like before I even experience it; it's just the way that I am. I've been hounding my RA friends with as many questions as I can think of, and they can usually tell that I'm nervous, so they try not to freak me out. However, the thought of waiting until August 6th of 2017 to begin my Housing and Residence Life journey sounds absolutely outrageous on this day of March 13th 2017.

I've been feverishly making a list of possible door decorations for my residents, looking up fun icebreakers and group activities, reading personal blogs from other RAs, and finding anything I can to refine my leadership skills for when it's time to begin my training.

I'm excited for the experience to be able to meet new RAs at the spring lunch this year! Here I'll be able to meet current RAs as well at the new hires who are in the same position as I am in--nervous, don't know what to expect, but still anticipating a great year!

More updates soon on how I'm adjusting to the reality of being a Resident Assistant!

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