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March Madness

Usually when we hear the words "March Madness" we think of the NCAA Basketball tournament that is about to have the nation within its group for about the next month. To me, "March Madness" means another thing to me--basically planning what your entire life is going to be like the next school year, and maybe even in the summer. 

In March I have a few things going on, but the main ones are registering for classes, applying for upperclassman housing, and finding out if I even need to apply for housing depending on whether or not I was offered a Resident Assistant position for the 2017-18 school year. 

--That previous sentence was typed before I got my offer to be a Resident Assistant next year, and I accepted! So, now that it's out of the way for me, I get to sit back and watch my friends go through the horror of the housing application process. Tomorrow, March 6th marks the first day of the frenzy. Frantic, frequent Facebook posts plaster the Internet with desperate people looking for someone, anyone, to be their roommate for next year. This random-but-not-so-random roommate search has always been an interesting tactic for me, but what I have found was people don't necessarily care who they live with if they have the opportunity to meet with and talk to that person beforehand. It's a blessing and a curse to live with your close friends who you may or may not have shared a room with before, but my advice is to make sure you guys love each other enough to live together and endure through the things that may annoy you about the living situation. For example, this year I chose not to live with my closest friends, but instead with people I knew and was comfortable enough with, even though we may not have had the most opportunity to become super close. We can relate to a lot of things, like black culture, for example, and so living together is easy and we all respect each others' space, belongings, and schedules. 

Speaking of schedules, students begins scheduling around the 20th 0r 21st of the month, and this can be a stressful process...if you aren't close with your academic advisor or you aren't planning ahead with your academic plan. For instance, I know how many and which classes I intend on taking this summer, therefore it will take the load off of my course work for basically the entire Junior year. Being organized keeps me motivated and goal-oriented, plus I'll be one step closer to graduation! What I also found was a great tool to use while registering for classes outside of degreeworks is Rate My Professor, something that is very popular amongst college students and could help give you an insight on what type of professor to expect in the classes you need. Of course, these are bias student reviews that are affected by many things, but it helps to know what a majority of the students have experienced when taking a class with a certain professor, and it helps you to assess whether or not your learning style is compatible with their teaching style. I've used Rate My Professor since my Freshman year and I've found the reviews to accurately and fairly reflect my experience in my classes. The University of Dayton, of course, has a wide variety of qualified and amazing faculty, but it can only help to do a little research on the person who is responsible for a big portion of your UD experience--school!

Outside of those two main aspects of my March Madness, I find that March is just one of those months where it just seems like there is a lot going on. Although I mostly focused on school activities here, we could talk about how crazy and exciting the atmosphere is going to get here as our basketball teams enter the NCAA tournament, especially since they are Atlantic 10 conference champs! Spring time is a time of rebirth, rejuvenation, and preparing for the summer. Summer time could include a big internship, co-op, vacation plans, taking classes like I am, or anything else. the end of March will be a great sigh of relief...well, for me at least. Most of my friends will be on edge until April when they all get their housing assignments. But anyway, it's a great time of year, and also one of my favorite times of year because I love having something to look forward to when I return to campus in the fall. 

Good times!

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