So Much to Do on Campus!

Wow what a great first two weeks! 

     I love this feeling of really being back on campus. All of the hustle and bustle of people not only going to class, but all of the cool events happening on campus that are never too late to join and take part in. After a long week of hardcore studying and working out, it was time that I devoted some time and take advantage of some important resources made available to me. 

     The first event took place at OMA, formally known as the Office of Multicultural Affairs, located on the first floor of Alumni Hall (right across from Founders). This event was called "Real Topics: Food Desert." Although this may sound a little boring initially, it was actually a part of a series (Real Talks) of discussions held at OMA on a regular basis about topics and issues affecting the communities around us. This topic of Food Deserts was relevant to us because (and I actually learned this during the discussion) the actual city of Dayton is in the 4th largest food desert in the entire country. I had no idea what a food desert was when I went into the discussion, but I was able to engage in positive and rewarding conversation on the issue and listen to a lot of different perspectives on it. Not only that, but we talked about how we could get involved and help out the community around us. I'm definitely thinking about getting involved with some people that I met at the discussion, and I'm happy to have met them! Not only did I meet friends, I think I've found something that I could potentially be passionate about, which is awesome. 

     To learn more about went the next Real Talk is, as well as other events at OMA, visit https://www.udayton.edu/studev/dean/oma/about/events.php

     Another event that was just as important as the Real Talk and engaging in dialogue with my peers took place on Friday in KU, as it was an Alumni Connections event held through UD Career Services. This was a key event for students of all majors and ages to come and develop connections with professionals, possibly in your field of choice, that went to our beloved University of Dayton. Not only did they have helpful information sessions discussing topics like interviewing skills, networking techniques, and how to properly use social media, but they even offered FREE LinkedIn headshots for everyone who attended. If you're anything like me, you love the sight and sound of the word F R E E, so of course I took advantage of that opportunity!

     This was the first UD Career Services event that I have ever attended, and to be honest I was a little nervous at first, but I quickly learned how welcoming and informative our UD alums could be. I even received a pamphlet with the contact information of all of the alums that attended. I met entrepreneurship professionals and researchers who gave me their cards of contact information, and I left there feeling the exact opposite of nervous and scared. I left with connections and tools that I could use for the rest of my life, and that was the most rewarding part of the experience for me. 

     At the end of the day, this was great week and an even better start to my school year, and I cannot wait to see what else the campus has in store for me. The best word of advice that I can give here is to stop passing up the bulliten boards of flyers of events happening on campus, and read your "Hire a Flyer" email! I LOVE looking at flyers, and in fact I have made the decision this year to take a picture of every one that I see. I have so many random pictures of flyers in my phone its ridiculous. Not only do I save them for myself, but I send them in group messages to my friends so that I will most likely have someone to go these events with me!

(I've shared some photos of flyers below! Feel free to share with your friends!)

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